Sell My Catalytic Converter
Where Can I Sell My Catalytic Converter?

How do I cut my converter off?

What is my scrap catalytic converter worth?
What is my scrap catalytic converter worth?
How do I cut off my catalytic converter? Now, make sure it is your converter. Law enforcement frowns big on CAT'borrowers'. The key word for cutting is SAFETY. Cutting off a catalytic converter is not a difficult task with the right tools. You will need eye protection and breathing protection. Do not cut the converter container, but only the pipes. Save money and protect your investment with a proper cut before shipping or delivery of your CAT. (short for CATalytic).

Trust Recycle Center SAFETY is the key word for cutting a catalytic converter. A used converter is filled with valuable scrap metal. However, it must be professionally processed to extract the metals. Therefore, DO NOT cut the converter itself. ONLY cut the end pipes. Use a metal saw or electric blade saw. Support the vehicle safely. Cut the exhaust pipes on both ends of the converter. Later you can cut the extended cut pieces of exhaust pipe off the main converter before shipping. VERY IMPORTANT to use protective eyeware. The powders and metal fragments are very dangerous. A simple breathing mask is also recommended when cutting to protect your lungs. Contact Davis Recycling Incorporated DRI which is a focused full line catalytic converter processing center. We'll tell you how to cut, package, ship and profit from your used catalytic converter.