Sell My Catalytic Converter
Where Can I Sell My Catalytic Converter?

Who buys my converter?

What is my scrap catalytic converter worth?
What is my scrap catalytic converter worth?
Who would buy my catalytic converter? So you have heard that hunk of metal under your car or truck might be worth some money. That is the truth. The catalytic converter that seems all clogged, rusted and worthless has very good value. Where do I sell my catalytic converter? 'Recycle' is the key word here. Think "Recycle." What you are looking for is a recycling center that can give you best market price for that used CAT (short for CATalytic).

Trust Recycle Center TRUST is the key word for a professional recycle center. A trusting recycle center is concerned with the environment as well as the best profit for partners. When looking for a recycle center, make sure it is not a general 'city type' center that takes milk cartons and old cans. What you need is a professional 'Catalytic Converter' recycling center. CAT specialists focus on all the details of used catalytic converters. There is an efficient way for you to sell your catalytic converter that is most cost effective for you. Contact Davis Recycling Incorporated DRI which is a focused full line catalytic converter processing center. We'll tell you how to cut, package, ship and profit from your used catalytic converter.